About Coasty JJs

Welcome to Coasty - the clothing brand founded by mamas, for mamas and their little ones! At Coasty, we’re all about making life cozy without compromising style using eco-friendly materials. Our bamboo blend apparel is breathable and perfect for any weather. 


Our one-of-a-kind prints are designed by artists in North America. We keep the prints simple and the colors harmonious so your little one - and you! - can be the (sea) stars of the show.


Our mission is to create special clothes that make everyday moments a little less salty, and our vision is to revolutionize how parents around the world dress their families while enhancing style or quality. And with our dedicated team for customer satisfaction, you can be sure that shopping with us is a great experience. That’s what we call winning! Because when moms win, everyone wins.


Why do we call our pajamas JJs? This is what we grew up calling our pajamas, so when we decided to open our own pajama company, we knew we wanted to call them JJs!

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